How to use the visualisations

This page lists some videos that introduce the ID visualisations. They are aim primarily at those who want to learn how to use the visualisations and critically evaluate their output. But they should also be of great interest to knowledge-base developers.

YouTube fullscreenWatch on YouTubeThey are best viewed fullscreen. To do that, start playing the video below by clicking on it and then look for the 'Watch on YouTube' icon at the bottom-right of the video. That will take you to the video in YouTube. To view at fullscreen, look for the 'Full screen' icon at the bottom-right and click on that.

An overview of multi-access key visualisations

The first video is an introduction to, and overview of, multi-access key visualisations in the ID Framework. It uses the 'two-column key' as an example, but the concepts and features that it illustrates are common to all the framework's multi-access key visualisations. You can view the video below, but for best results, we recommend viewing it at full definition from YouTube - by clicking on the 

The second video (directly below) is a tour of the current multi-access key visualisations within the ID Framework: two-column key; the single-column key and the circle-pack key. The video contrasts the various features of these three visualisations, illustrating the strengths of each and how they can be used together.

The final video introduces the 'side-by-side' visualisation which, whilst not a multi-access key, is most certainly an identification tool. The visualisation allows you to compare and contrast taxa within the knowledge-base and it can be used in association with the multi-access keys to help you reach an identification of a specimen.