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Title Description Author(s) Free Availability
Bat Droppings Guide A guide to the droppings of British bats, including diagrams illustrating the shape and size differences between species Bat Conservation Trust No Publication View Edit
Bats of Britain, Europe & Northwest Africa Comprehensive book covering all species of bat in the UK (and even the rest of Europe and North Africa). Christian Dietz, Otto von Helverson & Dietmar Nill No Publication View Edit
BBS Field Guide online pages Individual online PDFs for each page in 'Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland a field guide'. Atherton, Bosanquet , & Lawley Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Bee orchids and their relatives Guide to UK bee orchids. OPAL Yes Online, PDF, Publication View Edit
Beetle fauna of Germany An amazingly rich website containing superb photos of a huge range of beetle species. Benisch, C. Yes Online View Edit
Beetle News A collection of newsletters available as PDFs most of which include an identification article for a group of beetles. Amateur Entomologists' Society Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Beginner’s guide to identifying British ichneumonids Ichneumonids, species of the family Ichneumonidae, are difficult to identify because so many look similar. Nicola Prehn and Chris Raper Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Biology And Identification Of Intertidal Polyzoa THE Polyzoa are sedentary aquatic animals which form colonies by budding. J. S. RYLAND Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Bird ID - Easy Bird Identification Comprehensive online guide to UK birds, extensive database of information on birds and enables you to quickly identify b Yes Online View Edit
Bird identification videos Ground-breaking video identification short videos from BTO. British Trust for Ornithology Yes Online View Edit