Using QGIS to work with Biological Records

Thursday, October 27, 2016

During this course, participants will find out how to visualise and work with biological records using QGIS. In particular, instruction will be given on using the FSC Productivity Tools plugin for QGIS.

We will cover topics like mapping biological records from spreadsheets, linking to NBN web services to display NBN grid maps in QGIS, styling biological records, downloading raw biological record data from the NBN through QGIS and mapping them, working with OS grid references and grids within QGIS, ‘mashing up’ maps from other sources to display alongside your own biological records.

Previous experience of QGIS and an understanding of how to carry out basic operations within QGIS are pre-requisites for this course. If you are a complete novice, consider attending our ‘Introduction to the Fundamentals of QGIS’ course first.