Creating computer-based ID visualisations and keys

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Over the course of 2015 and 2016 the Tomorrow’s Biodiversity project has been working on novel ways to create and present computer-based tools for biological identification, including multi-access keys. This has culminated in the publication of a free, open-source framework to empower people to create computer-based resources of their own.

In this workshop you will discover how to use Excel to create a knowledge-base of any taxonomic group (large or small) that can drive visualisation tools, e.g. multi-access keys, using the ID Visualisation Framework. You will be instructed on the simple process of installing the ID Visualisation Framework on your own computer, enabling you to run the visualisations driven by your knowledge-base as you create it.

The framework and visualisations can be run ‘stand-alone’ on your computer, but you will also be given instruction on how to publish visualisations you build on the internet, should you want to.

This is not a programming course and you DO NOT need experience of programming to be able to attend this course – only a working knowledge of Excel and an appetite of experimenting with a new way of visualising identification problems on computers.

This course is subsidised by the Tomorrow’s Biodiversity Project – there is only a nominal booking fee of £10.