An Introduction to the Fundamentals of QGIS

Monday, July 24, 2017

Formerly known as Quantum GIS, QGIS is a freely available open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) of the highest quality. Thanks to a community of dedicated and talented developers and an active and vocal user community, QGIS matches the functionality and usability of commercial products like MapInfo and ArcGIS.

An increasing number of ecologists and biological recorders are using this free GIS software to help them visualise, explore and analyse spatial data.

During this course, participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of GIS and basic operations of QGIS.

We will cover topics like obtaining and displaying basemap data (e.g. Ordnance Survey basemaps and Google & Bing aerial imagery), capturing spatial data, loading data from GPS smart-phone apps or hand-held GPS, producing maps for reports or for display on the web.

A one-day workshop can only introduce you to GIS. Nevertheless, participants should leave with a feeling of confidence in their ability to use QGIS and explore its capabilities.

This course does not include instruction on using the FSC Productivity Tools plugin for QGIS, but it is suitable preparation for those wishing to attend the course ‘Using QGIS to work with Biological Records’ which does.