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White Faced Darter (C) Stephen BarlowOur current project, FSC BioLinks, is all about invertebrates.  Invertebrates provide us with many useful ecosystem services which we cannot survive without but their numbers are declining. Few people know how to identify or record invertebrates meaning there is a lack of records, making it difficult for conservationists to address these declines. This project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, teaches people how to identify and record invertebrates by providing subsidised training courses, learning opportunities and digital tools to generate more records. 

New AIDGAP guide: Adult Caddis (Trichoptera) of Britain and Ireland

New AIDGAP: Adult Caddis of Britain and Ireland

by Ian Wallace

Adult caddis are often encountered near freshwater, and may be abundant in light traps. But they have a reputation for being difficult to identify. This new AIDGAP guide is intended for use with living specimens, assisted by magnification no higher than a x10 hand lens.

Bishops Wood Open Day and BioBlitz

Fancy a free weekend out to delve into history, wildlife and traditional crafts?

Then join us as we open the doors to our Worcestershire centre, Bishops Wood. Read this blog to find out more!

Celebrating the 10th Year of the Young Darwin Scholarship

Celebrating the 10th Year of the Young Darwin Scholarship

By Dylan Byrne

Check out our new blog by Dylan Byrne, who explains more about the opportunity and shares feedback from other organisations and previous scholars.


Craneflies To Light Project

Increasing Cranefly Records in the UK

By Rachel Davies

Recently, BioLinks have teamed up with the Cranefly Recording Scheme to help out one particular group of invertebrates. Our newly developed initiative aims to increase cranefly records in the UK to learn more about these underappreciated insects.

NVC Winter Habitat Survey - A Day In The Life of a Course Participant

Taking Part in a Natural History Course

By Chelsea Boden

Join Chelsea Boden as she walks us through an NVC Habitat Survey course, covering what the day involved, some of the things she's learnt and a selection of the recorded species.

Curating the Past, Creating the Future: Legacies in Biological Recording

 NFBR Conference 2022

By Keiron Derek Brown

If you love wildlife and want to know how species observations can be used, this conference will showcase some of the fantastic projects and biological recording initiatives happening across the UK.

The Fantastical Lives of Ants

"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."The Fantastical Lives of Ants Promo Image

By Gino Brignoli

It has been suggested that there are 10 quadrillion ants alive at any one time! These extraordinary numbers reflect ants' successful colonisation of their local environments and has sometimes given rise to some truly bizarre adaptations...

Freshwater Invertebrate Sampling Techniques

Life Below the Surface

By Rachel Davies

Explore the 'why' and 'how' of freshwater invertebrate recording with our FSC BioLinks tutor, Rachel Davies – and join us on a course to stay curious!

A Glowing Report for Scotland

 Lampyris noctiluca in Scotland

By Charlotte Martin

‘Fireflies? In Scotland? Aye right!’ I can hear the resounding shouts from here. But it’s true, Scotland is home to a charismatic downright enchanting beetle that does indeed glow, well, at least the female does...


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