D3 examples: feel the force

From Mike Bostocks Force Layout D3 demo. This example demonstrates the 'force layout' where objects can be attracted or repelled from each other according to properties of the objects. This can be used to demonstrate the relationships between objects. You can interact with the objects, dragging them about and seeing the effect on the others.

I show it because you can imagine how relationships between taxonomic entities (e.g. species) could be represented and explored in a very visual and 'touchy-feely' way. In Mike's example here, each circle represents characters from 'Les Misérables' and their relationships to each other. Hold the mouse over a circle to see who's who.

We are going to use force layouts to implement a radically different way of implementing a multi-access key on taxonomic knowledge bases. Read more about the relevance of data visualisation to Tomorrow's Biodiversity here.