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A key to the families of British Coleoptera (beetles) and Strepsiptera This AIDGAP identification key will help non-specialists to identify all families of British beetles - of which there ar Unwin No Publication View Edit
A Photo Key to Great Diving Beetles It is generally known that Great Diving Beetles are some of our largest freshwater insects and most naturalists will kn Adrian Chalkley Yes PDF View Edit
Atlas of the Predaceous Water Beetles (Hydradephaga) of Britain and Ireland This atlas concerns the predaceous water beetles, or Hydradephaga – the whirligig beetles (Gyrinidae), the crawling wate Foster, Bilton & Nelson No Publication View Edit
Beetle fauna of Germany An amazingly rich website containing superb photos of a huge range of beetle species. Benisch, C. Yes Online View Edit
Beetle News A collection of newsletters available as PDFs most of which include an identification article for a group of beetles. Amateur Entomologists' Society Yes Online, PDF View Edit
British leafminers From the homepage: "This site is the result of an on-going project, set up to photograph and record all the leaf mi Yes Online View Edit
British Scraptiidae RES Handbook vol 5 part 18. Levey No Publication View Edit
Coleoptera: Clambidae RES Handbook vol 4 part 6a. The family Clambidae is represented in Britain by two genera: Clambus and Calyptomerus. Johnson No Publication View Edit
Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae (Broad-nosed weevils) RES Handbook vol 5 part 17a. Morris No Publication View Edit
Coleoptera: Kateretidae & Nitudulidae: Meligethinae (Pollen beetles) RES Handbook vol 5 part 6a. Kirk-Spriggs No Publication View Edit