Installing the QGIS plugin

This YouTube video shows how to install the Tomorrow's Biodiversity QGIS plugin. There is no commentary, but it is simple enough to follow. Underneath the video, you will see some step-by-step instructions which you can follow if you prefer. It is best to view the video in full-screen mode (click the icon at bottom right of video). When you do this, it may take a few seconds for your computer to adjust and start streaming the high-definition version, so be patient. To exit full-screen mode at any time, use your keyboard's [Esc] key.

If you are trying to follow along, just pause the video at any time by clicking on it with your mouse. Restart by clicking on it again.

Here's what's going on in the video.

  • First I go to the plugin menu and select 'Manage and install plugins...".
  • In the video, when the manage plugins dialog appears, it shows the 'Installed' plugins. In later versions it may show 'All' plugins by default so could look a bit different here. If your version shows 'All' (top left of dialog), change it to 'Installed' to see something that looks more like the video.
  • A check of the list of installed dialogs - which are listed alphabetically - shows that the ' productivity tools' is not installed.
  • So in the video I select the 'Get more' item at top left of dialog. On more recent versions of QGIS, you need to select the 'Not installed' item.
  • Then I scroll down the list of plugins that aren't installed (again it's alphabetically sorted) and select the ' productivity tools'.
  • Then I click 'Install plugin'.
  • QGIS downloads the plugin over the internet and installs it.
  • The rest of the video is just showing that the plugin is installed by showing a new ' productivity tools' item on the plugin menu as well as the four tool-buttons.
  • In the video I move the location of the toolbuttons, but you don't have to do this unless you want to.
  • I also go on to start a couple of the tools by clicking the toolbuttons.
  • When you get to a point where you can start one or more of the tools, you have succeeded.