FSC Virtual Meet Ups

The Field Studies Council are embracing e-learning by hosting FREE weekly webinars or "Virtual Meet Ups" to explore a range of subjects, including species identification, wildlife monitoring, conservation and ecology - usually with a focus on invertebrates. We are limited to 300 guests per session so booking is essential.

What are Virtual Meet Ups (VMUs)?

These webinars are typically 1 hour and 15 minutes long and are hosted using a videoconferencing app called Zoom. The sessions are live so that the participants can interact with the speaker and each other. You don't need a webcam or microphone to attend and can turn your video off if you prefer. The basic format for most sessions is as follows:

  • 10 minute intro from the FSC
  • 30-40 minute talk from a guest speaker or member of FSC staff
  • 15-30 minute question and answer (Q&A) session 

If you book a place we'll send you instructions on how to join before the session. 


2020 FSC Virtual Meet Ups

15/04/20 VMU1 Spiders you can ID and Record During Lockdown
22/04/20 VMU2 Bees in (and out of) the City
23/04/20 VMU3 The Most Remarkable Migrants of All 
29/04/20 VMU4 Why iRecord?
07/05/20 VMU5 Butterflies in London - a Hidden Success Story?
14/05/20 VMU6 Sounds of the Wild: Intro to Passive Acoustic Monitoiring (PhD research project)
21/04/20 VMU7 Reintroducing the Chequered Skipper to Rockingham Forest
27/05/20 VMU8 Setting up a iRecord Activities for Local Groups
28/05/20 VMU9 Online videos as a Tool for Biodiversity Education
03/06/20 VMU10 Buzz for the Coast Project  – Conserving the Bumblebees of Kent
04/06/20 VMU11 The Origins of Colouration in Invertebrates - Pigment and Structure
10/06/20 VMU12 Bringing the Barberry Carpet Back from the Brink
11/06/20 VMU13 Solitary Bees: Intro to ID and Nesting Ecology
18/06/20 VMU14 Intro to Identifying Ladybird Larvae
24/06/20 VMU15 On the Hunt for the Rugged Oil Beetle in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds
25/06/20 VMU16 Get inVOLEd: A community working to bring back Water Voles
01/07/20 VMU17 Dozy Dormice in Decline
02/07/20 VMU18 Hedgehog Ecology and Conservation
08/07/20 VMU19 Hornets - Gentle Giants
09/07/20 VMU20 Intro to Identifying Common Ladybirds
15/07/20 VMU21 Darwin's Earthworms
16/07/20 VMU22 The Importance of Bare Ground for Specialist Butterflies and Moths in Breckland
22/07/20 VMU23 Track and Sign – Ancient Skills that can Transform Modern Mammal Recording
23/07/20 VMU24 Exploring Earthworm Ecology
29/07/20 VMU25 The Adder in Rockingham Forest
30/07/20 VMU26 Introduction to Riverflies
05/08/20 VMU27 Introduction to Reptile Identification and Surveying
06/08/20 VMU28 Introduction to the Wood White Butterfly
10/08/20 VMU29 PotWatch: Finding Non-Native Land Flatworms
12/08/20 VMU30 Shifting Sands – Exploring the Role of Rabbits as Landscape Engineers

Do you want to be a guest speaker? 

FSC Virtual Meet Ups are a great way to engage with the ecology and conservation sectors, bringing together amateur naturalists with experts and sector professionals. We deal with all the admin, technology and hosting so that the speakers can focus on their presentations and answering any questions. The format of the webinars can be found above, your presentation can be 30-40mins long and the Q&A session can be anything from 15-30 minutes long. Let us know if you'd like to do a longer presentation and/or Q&A. 

The meet ups are managed by the FSC BioLinks project team. The FSC BioLinks project centres around identifying and recording British invertebrates, so applications relating to these topics will be prioritised. However, our audience is interested in a wide range of species and topics relating to British wildlife and recording so we encourage potential speakers to submit an application even if their talk does not focus on invertebrates.

If you'd like to be a guest speaker, then please fill out our speaker application form below and send it to [email protected]. We'll then be in touch to discuss any potential opportunities.