Protected Invertebrates In The UK

Legislation and Land Management for Protected Species

By Pete Boardman and Olivia Watts

Join FSC BioLinks and Pete Boardman to delve into the legislation and guidelines that protect the UK's invertebrate fauna and our responsibilities to ensure their conservation.

Exploring The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

A primer for understanding Red Lists

By Mike Hoffmann and Olivia Watts

With guidance from Mike Hoffmann from the Zoological Society of London, we will explore the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the world’s most comprehensive tool for assessing the extinction status of species.

Invertebrate Volunteer Identification Days

Invertebrate Volunteer Identification Days

By Gino Brignoli

What even is an Invertebrate Volunteer Idedntification Day? Join Gino Brignoli as he guides us through the day and find out how to get involved...

Worcestershire Field Recorder Days

Develop and put to use your invert field skills

By Rachel Davies

Our Field Recorder Day programme in the West Midlands is up and running again. Join us for pitfall trapping, pond sampling and river kick sampling to help us generate new invertebrate records and develop your field skills.

Meet the BioLinks Team

About us

By The BioLinks Team

The past 18 months have seen a lot of changes to the BioLinks project team - with 4 new team members joining Keiron this year! In this blog, we introduce the team, and update you on who is doing what for the final 15 months of the FSC BioLinks project.

Excellent Earthworms Project

Studying earthworms in parks

By Alice Evans and Keiron Derek Brown

Working with The Royal Parks and Earthworm Society of Britain, we're investigating the impact of humans on earthworm populations in London's parks. Help us study the impacts of path erosion, road pollution and ring-fencing of veteran trees.

A new guide for identifying freshwater snails

Freshwater snails banner

A Guide to Freshwater snails

by Ben Rowson

FSC Freshwater snails AIDGAP is an identification guide to over 50 species in Britain and Ireland. This new guide covers all gastropod molluscs found in still and flowing fresh water.

The BCU Nest Box Project

Building Homes For Bees

By Aaron Bhambra

Aritifcial cavity nest boxes can be effective tools in the conservation of solitary bees, important (and often neglected) pollinators. We've have teamed up with local conservation charities and Birmingham City University to develop designs for habitats which increase the abundance of these benifical insects throughout urban areas.

Bumblebees on the Mynd

Conserving the Bilberry Bumblebee

By Jen Jones

The Bilberry bumblebee project, which has been led by the National Trust, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and volunteers in Shropshire aimed to assess and conserve this declining bumblebee on the Long Mynd using citizen scientists. Jen Jones gives us her insights into the aims and achievements of the research.

Discovering Bees Online

A new online training course from BioLinks

By Aaron Bhambra

Last month marked the end of the first run of the FSC ‘Discovering bees online’ course, part of the lottery funded Biolinks project, aiming to promote and inspire the study of often neglected invertebrate groups. We speak to the course tutor, Aaron Bhambra and see how it went.


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