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Conserving the Aspen Hoverfly

Advertising image A Scottish gem

by Ross Poulton

The Aspen Hoverfly is a rare species of saproxcylic pollinator and a protected species of invertebrate. It is currently confined to Scotland, where the larvae will develop inside rotting pieces of old growth Aspen trees. To conserve this valuable pollinator, volunteers and researchers are enhancing the extent of this Hoverflys unique habitat.

Identifying Blow Flies - Part 2

Learn how the new ID guide works...

by Olga Sivell

Blow flies are important insects which have a fairly widespread distribution across the UK. A newly created Royal Entomological Society (RES) handbook & Key of British Blow flies created by Olga Sivell, provides an updated in-depth guide, with high quality diagnostic photographs, for anyone interested in identifying these fascinating flies!

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