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Tomorrow's Invertebrate Recorder: Sarah Maguire

I work for the Jersey Biodiversity Centre as the Education and Outreach Officer.  I won a place on the "Tomorrow's Invertebrate Recorders" course - a week long residential programme for young people (aged 18-25) run by the FSC BioLinks project and A Focus On Nature, providing an introduction to surveying invertebrates. It was amazing and rewarding to meet other invertebrate enthusiasts, and on returning home I had heaps of energy and enthusiasm to inspire more recorders.

I spied-a spider: Microscope work isn’t as daunting as it appears!

Lorna is a PhD student at Cardiff University studying the variation in the diet of British Otters.  She won a place on the "Tomorrow's Invertebrate Recorders" course - a week long residential programme for young people run by the FSC BioLinks project  and A Focus On Nature providing an introduction to surveying invertebrates.  She tells us about how it helped her improve her invertebrate ID skills. 

Bushy Park Volunteer Days

What are the FSC BioLinks Volunteer ID Days all about? 
These days are perfect for beginners to practice their identification and recording skills and for those wanting to get “into” a new group. We have a range of activities to help improve your skills by sorting through samples, creating collections, inputting records and much more. This blog explains what you can get up to and why others find them so useful. 

Who's who in the world of biological recording?

Britain is very lucky to have a rich history in biological recording. As a result, the UK has a well developed network of organisations involved in biological recording. Getting your head around what these recording organisations do and how they can help you can be confusing, so we hope this will provide some clarity!

What is a biological record?

The FSC BioLinks project provides training to develop the skills of existing biological recorders and to create new recorders. We're doing this to build and strengthen the biological recording community…but what is a biological record?

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