Eco-Skills - An Introduction

Clare Rooney is the Engagement & Training Manager for the new Eco-Skills training programme. In this blog, Clare tells us about what her team are working on and the exciting new training opportunitities are now available to book with the Field Studies Council.

You may know that FSC has taken the bold decision to review our renowned natural history training courses and structure them in a new, engaging way with quality assured.  I am at the helm of this novel approach as the fresh in post Training and Engagement Manager.

I am aided by a great team comprising content curating Engagement Officers, Course Coordinators operating nationally and a dedicated Youth Engagement Officer to ensure our training reaches diverse audiences across the UK. 

Eco-Skills is the name of this new approach to learning and our mission is to lead the production, management and booking of place-based and online, biodiversity, natural history and environmental art training courses centrally.  Whether you’re attending a place-based beginners’ course on fungi in Glasgow, Birmingham or you’ve chosen the online course at ‘FSC Virtual’ you should benefit from similar learning opportunities and the same engaging level of content wherever you learn with the FSC!  

We are working with many highly talented FSC associate tutors and forging partnerships with relevant expert organisations to develop and curate standardised learning content. 

We are looking across the animal, plant and fungi kingdoms to generate a variety of progressive learning frameworks in subjects from bats to wildflowers or nature photography. 

Learners will be able to progress through structured learning pathways in their chosen subject starting from introductory level all the way through to specific advanced content.  They will earn recognition through courses attended and take on personal, volunteer and professional roles to benefit themselves and the natural environment. 

I am excited to announce that our first three Eco-Skills courses are now available to book.  We have kicked off the new initiative with our online programme running from late April onwards.  These courses involve a structured programme of topics for self-led learning through our online platform (Moodle). Each topic is consolidated with an interactive weekly Zoom workshop with an expert tutor and the chance to link up with fellow learners.   

Join us to discover marine mammals, trees or nature writing.  Three very different subjects each with their own progressive learner pathway soon to be followed by the launch of courses from many more subject areas both online and place-based from July. We hope that these initial introductory courses will whet your appetite sufficiently to encourage further involvement as you begin or continue your learning journeys with FSC Eco-Skills. Bon voyage! 

Book Eco-Skills training courses through the FSC website:

Discovering Marine Mammals

Online Course

From Tuesday 20th April

Majestic marine mammals feed and breed around our shores. This course brings you the expertise of both FSC and ORCA giving you the chance get to know more about these fascinating animals and their habitat.


Discovering Trees

Online Course

From Friday 23rd April

Are you fascinated by colourful leaves, acorns and blossoms? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the trees around us, this is the online course for you.


Introduction to Nature Writing

Online Course

From Friday 23rd April

Be inspired by nature. Bring nature’s power to life on your page.  Create your own nature poem, and share it with other participants. This course, brimming with practical tasks is equally suitable for budding naturalists and people who enjoy writing.