Great finds on BioLinks courses

Attendees on a BioLinks course

Jewel wasp

We’ve seen some fantastic species during the BioLinks training events we’ve had so far this summer – some rare, some stunningly beautiful, some common as muck, but all completely fascinating.

 An early highlight was the national notable jewel wasp Chrysura radians, which is classed as Nationally Scarce. This was found at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, South Shropshire, happily on a Learn To Love Wasps course!  Nationally Scarce (also termed Nationally Notable) means the species has only been found in between 16 and 100 hectads (10km by 10km square).Green weevil

I’m continually astonished by the colours of even the tiniest invertebrate.  This small green nettle weevil Phyllobius roboretanus was such a sparky iridescent green colour.  This was one of a number of green weevils we found on the ‘Field ID of Beetles’ course at Bishops Wood, Worestershire, including Polydrusus formosus, another Nationally Notable species which has recently expanded its range in the UK.