Cladocera Interest Group Website

Updated British Species list, Identification assistance, Distribution maps, Species Photos, Newsletters, Collecting tips are all available on the Cladocera Interest Group website. This contains several resources to help with the collection, study and identification of Water Fleas in the British Isles. The group was formed because the main commercially available British key dates from the 1960's and is very much out of date; and also because little recording of cladocera seems to have occurred in recent years. The CIG website has links to more up to date keys, a growing collection of photos of named species and the first provisional British distribution maps for 90 of the 92 species in the British Isles. The group publishes newsletters at irregular intervals in pdf format which are emailed to all members and all issues are freely downloadable from the website. Currently the CIG has 84 members, who come from 13 countries across the world as well as those in the UK, the group is free to join for anyone interested in recording or researching Cladocera.
Adrian Chalkley
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