Commensal and parasitic copepods associated with marine invertebrates (2nd ed.)

This Synopsis covers species known to live parasitically or commensally with marine invertebrates. The volume includes keys, species descriptions and a list of host animals together with the names of the copepods known to be associated with them. To aid ease of use the illustrations have been placed next to the relevant text in this revision. Since the First Edition of this Synopsis in 1993 significantly more information has become available about commensal and parasitic copepods associated with British and west European marine invertebrates, with a number of new species, genera and even families have been described. These have been included in the Second Edition and, to make the book more user friendly, illustrations have been placed by the relevant text. This is still the only pocket book covering all these animals.
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Synopses of the British Fauna linsoc Linnean Society FSC