Earthworm Identikit

This resource is a web-based multi-access key for the 27 species of UK earthworms. It is a visualisation of the morphological knowledge-base for British earthworms drawn from Emma Sherlock's FSC AIDGAP publication, Key to the earthworms of UK and Ireland. The visualisation is designed to function effectively as a multi-access key, as well as being a useful way to explore the knowledge base and assimilate knowledge from it.


 This visualisation does not reproduce all the information found within Emma Sherlock's key. With more information on ecology, collecting, sampling, curation and further information on identification not reproduced here, the Key to the earthworms of UK and Ireland is an indespensible book for anyone seriously interested in earthworm recording in the UK.
Sherlock, Burkmar, Bell
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Lumbricidae fsc identikit


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