Intro to Ladybird Larvae ID

This is one of FSC BioLinks informal virtual meet ups (VMUs) on Zoom which we've started doing in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. In each meet up we, or a guest speaker, gives a 30 minute presentation on topics such as invertebrate ecology, easy to ID species/groups, or projects/recording schemes we can all get involved with whilst at home. This week we are joined by Helen Roy and Peter Brown. Helen is an ecologist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. Peter is a senior lecturer in ecology at Anglia Ruskin University. Both co-lead the UK Ladybird Survey. Ladybirds belong to the scientific family Coccinellidae. In Britain there are nearly 50 species within this family, although only 26 of these are recognisable as ladybirds. We will introduce you to some of the common species found in gardens.
Helen Roy and Peter Brown
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