Key to adults of the water beetles of Britain and Ireland (Part 1)

RES handbook vol 4 part 5 (2nd edition). Illustrated keys are provided for the families, genera, species and other taxa of the British and Irish Hydradephaga, or aquatic Adephaga. The Hydradephaga comprise the Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae, Paelobiidae and Dytiscidae. Colour plates are provided for all the species. Notes include characters for distinguishing the sexes, some basic information on collecting methods, and reviews of distributions in Ireland and Britain, including the Channel Isles. This new volume is a revision of A key to the adults of British Water Beetles (Friday, 1988), originally published in the AIDGAP series. Revision of the 1988 work had become essential because of many changes in the taxonomy and classification of water beetles. However, because almost 400 taxa require treatment, the authors have split the work into two volumes. Part 2 (concerned with the aquatic Polyphaga) is now available.
Foster & Friday
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