Key to the Earthworms of the UK and Ireland (2nd Edition)

This AIDGAP identification guide covers all the species of earthworms found living freely in the UK and Ireland. Extensively tested and refined in identification workshops, a special feature of this book is a fully illustrated guide to the main external features used in the key; experience has shown that these are often a significant barrier in earthworm identification. Detailed species accounts are also included.


 Since publication of the First Edition in 2012, there has been an explosion of interest in earthworms, with many more people actively recording earthworms and submitting records to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme. The Second Edition is twice as long as the First Edition and includes several new features:

 - Extra key to earthworms found in artificial environments (such as heated greenhouses)

 - New guidance on earthworm dissection and internal anatomy

 - Expanded introductory section on earthworm ecology and biology

 - Many new photographs within the Species Accounts taken especially for this guide, including lots of live specimens

 - New line drawings of the tubercula pubertatis for all species where this character is present

 - Updates to distribution and status information for each species in the light of new data
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