Les myxomycètes

Information on 853 taxa of myxomycetes (530 of them illustrated by colour photographs) in two complementary volumes, one providing the text and the other the plates. French text , with bilingual keys (French / English).
 A section on the general biology and ecology of myxomycetes is followed by species keys, and descriptions - these include macroscopic and microscopic characters cross referenced to the plates. Nomenclature follows the latest version of Nomenmyx. A new genus Meriderma, is proposed and detailed in an addendum where the spores of its species are illustrated.
 There is also a glossary of terms, index of taxa, and bibliographical references. The plate volume shows each species in the form of an index card, with scientific name, one or more macro- photographs illustrating the habit of the species, and line drawings of relevant microscopic characters (e.g.spore type, ornamen - tation, etc.). There is extensive coverage of the nivicolous species, a group of which the authors are well-known specialists.
Poulain, Michel, Marianne Meyer et Jean Bozonnet
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