RES Handbook Vol 2 Part 4a. Homoptera - Aphidoidea (Part) - Chaitophoridae & Callaphididae

For a number of years there has been no single and comprehensive work available for the identification of the aphid species occurring in the British Isles. The books of Buckton and Theobald, for many years the standard reference works on the British fauna, are now of mainly historical interest, and their use leads only to frustration because of the great advances made in the study of aphid systematics and nomenclature over the last 45 years, mainly as a result of improved techniques for the handling of aphids as subjects for microscopy. The treatment now offered is intended as the first part of a handbook for the determination of the British aphid fauna by means of dichotomous keys illustrated by black and white figures.
H. L. G. Stroyan
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