RES Handbook Vol 6 Part 3c. Hymenoptera - Formicidae

THE British Isles, including the Channel Islands, have 44 known, indigen-ous ant species at the present time. The distribution of these species in the two areas is as follows: indigenous to British Isles - 41 species; indigenous to Channel Islands - 19 species; indigenous to British Isles but not in Channel Islands - 25 species; indigenous to Channel Islands but not in British Isles - 3 species. In addition to these 44 indigenous species there are also ten exotic forms, mostly well known "tramp" species, which are commonly introduced and capable of living quite successfully in permanently heated buildings, hot-houses and the like. These ten species are included in the Key to Species. The three species found only in the Channel Islands. Species which have been recorded in Britain on very few occasions as casual introductions are not included in the list or keys.
Barry Bolton & Cedric A. Collingwood
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