RES Handbook Vol 7 Part 1. Hymenoptera - Ichneumonoidea (Pimplinae)

The subfamily Pimplinae is biologically the most diverse, and probably the most extensively studied, within the Ichneumonidae. In the British Isles there are 108 species , representing 37 genera. Worldwide the subfamily comprises about 77 genera . The majority of pimplines are ectoparasitoids of immature Lepidoptera , Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera or Arachnida, while some are pseudoparasitoids of spider egg sacs, and one group are endoparasitoids in endopterygote pupae and prepupae . Several species are hyperparasitic, often facultatively, and a few are cleptoparasitic on other pimplines. Many of the genera include species of economic importance . Indeed , it is partly because many species are parasitoids of pests that so much (in comparison with other ichneumonids) is known about the biology of the group.
M. G. Fitton, M. R. Shaw and I. D. Gauld
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