RES Handbook Vol 8 Part 3d i. Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea. Diapriidae subfamily Diapriinae

In presenting this handbook on the subfamily Diapriinae I have now dealt with all the British species of Diapriidae. My 1957 handbook covered the Belytinae; it set a precedent through its inclusion of a few new species and some others not recorded from the British Isles. That precedent is followed here, though to a much smaller extent. It should be pointed out that the introduction of twenty-four new species is not based on any conviction of their being hitherto unknown to science but simply because no names were readily available for them. Some at least are likely to be among the numerous species described by J . J. Kieffer. Unfortunately, the identity of many of these Kieffer species can only be guessed at and the location of their types is unknown. The three non-British species are included because I was fortunate enough to see their types and felt the chance ought not to be missed of setting them in a context of related species.
G. E. J. Nixon
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