RES Handbook Vol 9 Part 2 i. Diptera - 2. Nematocera: families Tipulidae to Chironomidae (Tipulidae)

FLIES of the family TIPULIDAE may be recognized by their slender bodies and long, slender legs, the latter characteristic having given rise to the peculiarly apt nicknames "Daddy-long-legs" and "Craneflies." The term Craneflies is sometimes more broadly applied to include the related Dipterous families of TRICHOCERIDAE, PTYCHOPTERIDAE and ANISOPODIDAE, all the species of which are more or less long-legged. Scientifically, however, TIPULIDAE differ from these three families by having the following combination of characters: no ocelli, two anal veins, and a V-shaped suture dividing the praescutum from the scutum.
R. L. Coe, Paul Freeman & P. F. Mattingly
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