RES Handbook Vol 9 Part 3. Diptera - Nematocera. Mycetophilidae (Bolitophilinae, Ditomyiinae, Diadocidiinae, Keroplatinae, Sciophilinae and Manotinae)

The Fungus-gnats (Mycetophilidae) are a large family of terrestrial Nematocera, usually with a compact hump-backed appearance, long coxae and well developed tibial spurs. Most species are rather small, but some may reach a length of about I0mm. They are generally some combination of brown, black and yellow, rarely strikingly patterned, but sometimes brightly coloured like Hymenoptera. The family ranges throughout all the major land areas of the world (as well as on many oceanic islands) from northern Greenland in the north to Tierra del Fuego and the Crozer Islands in the south. The Mycetophilids of the tropics have been relatively poorly studied and although the fauna there may not be as representative of the whole family as in the temperate regions, it is certainly rich in species, most of which still await description. About 3400 species have been described.
A. M. Hutson, D. M. Ackland and L. N. Kidd
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