Seasearch Guide to Sea Anemones and Corals of Britain and Ireland (2nd Edition)

The cool temperate waters around Britain & Ireland contain a huge variety of marine life and the sea anemones and corals, the Anthozoa, are some of the brightest and most attractive of all the groups of animal that live in them. Anemones and corals can be found from rockpools to the deepest depths and in all habitats from rocky reefs to soft mud. This is the first book to provide a comprehensive guide to all 77 of the sea anemones and corals found in British and Irish inshore waters. It will be an essential companion for divers, rockpoolers and students who want to identify the sea anemones and corals they find and know more about them. The book is illustrated by over 200 underwater colour photographs.
 Produced as part of the Seasearch project which aims to get volunteer divers to record marine life and habitats
Chris Wood
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Cnidaria Anthozoa