The Smaller Moths of Shropshire

Based on approximately 18,500 records covering over 800 species, this is the first ever published atlas of the smaller moths (Microlepidoptera) of Shropshire.


 Located in west-central England on the border with Wales, Shropshire offers a wide diversity of habitats over an altitudinal range from below 100m to above 500m. Its topography produces climatic patterns that strongly influence moth distributions, and it stands at a crossroads where species of warm, dry lowland Britain meet those of the cool, wet uplands.


 This book describes the status and distribution of Shropshire’s smaller moths and examines their relationships with climatic factors, habitat types and host plants. It explores evidence of long-distance migration and local and regional dispersal, and discusses the impact of habitat management on smaller moth populations.


 This atlas is one of a number being published to examine the distribution of some of Shropshire’s invertebrate groups and has been produced as part of the HLF project Invertebrate Challenge.
Godfrey Blunt
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Atlas, Invertebrate Challenge, lepidoptera, moths, distibution maps, status, ecology, FSC, Shropshire