The Spiders of Europe and Greenland

From the homepage: "The aim of this website is to show images of as many European spider species as possible. With only 15 % of the European species covered at present there is still much to do before the galleries are complete. Many species lack descriptions as I leave this task to the winter period at which time less collection and photography is undertaken. You are more than welcome to send me spider specimens in case you have collected species not appearing in the galleries. Then I will do the photography and add the images to the website. The image galleries are sorted by spider family and hopefully they may become handy for anyone wanting to identify specimens collected or observed. The accompanying descriptions of body size, habitat etc. should aid identification. Some species, particularly the smaller ones, are difficult to identify without examining external parts of the genitalia using a microscope and comparing the observed structures with drawings in the literature. If a microscope is too expensive, less costly flora lenses with 10x or 20x magnification greatly increase the number of identifiable species compared to those identifiable by the naked eye."
Jørgen Lissner
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