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Bugs on bushes Aimed at upper primary ages and above, this 12-page laminated fold-out chart is a name trail designed to help children i Bebbington & Bebbington No Publication View Edit
Describing flowers Do you want to use a flora but not sure what the terms actually mean? Bebbington & Bebbington No Publication View Edit
Butterflies of Britain Looking for an identification guide / chart to British butterflies?
 This 8-panel laminated guide / chart - our Bebbington & Lewington No Publication View Edit
Hawkmoths of the British Isles: Identification Guide Hawkmoths (family Sphingidae) are some of the most colourful and conspicuous moths in the British Isles. Bebbington & Lewington No Publication View Edit
Guide to grassland plants 2 (chalk and limestone) Featuring colour illustrations of 63 species, and black-and-white illustrations of a further 15, this 12-page fold-out c Bebbington & Roberts No Publication View Edit
Woodland name trail (mini beasts) Looking to identify the minibeasts of soil and leaf litter? Bebbington et al No Publication View Edit
House and garden spiders Spiders have eight legs... and many of them spin webs to catch their prey... Bee & Lewington No Publication View Edit
Guide to chalk rivers of England Produced in partnership with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, this fold-out chart provides an identification guid Bell & Shields No Publication View Edit
Checklist of the Collembola A catalogue and encyclopaedia of world Collembola. Bellinger, P.F., Christiansen, K.A. & Janssens, F Yes Online View Edit
Beetle fauna of Germany An amazingly rich website containing superb photos of a huge range of beetle species. Benisch, C. Yes Online View Edit
Common Micro-moths of Berkshire The book is an extensively illustrated guide to the identification of over 100 the common micro-moths found in Berkshire Berkshire Moth Group No Publication View Edit
The Common Grass Moths of Berkshire (VC22) The Grass Moths (Crambinae) are represented by 39 species in the British Isles. Berkshire Moth Group Yes Online, PDF View Edit
A field guide to the shallow-water echinoderms of the British Isles Field guide & practical reference book on echinoderms likely to be encountered between the tides & under Bernard E. Picton No Publication View Edit
Bird ID - Easy Bird Identification Comprehensive online guide to UK birds, extensive database of information on birds and enables you to quickly identify b Yes Online View Edit
Identification guide for selected marine non-native species A guide to 36 non-native seaweeds and marine animals produced by the MBA with funding from the Interreg IVA ‘3C’ capital Bishop, J. Yes PDF View Edit
Aphids - Aphidinae (Macrosiphini) RES Handbook vol 2 part 7. Blackman No Publication View Edit
Features of the Shropshire Hills Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Shropshire Hills extend from the Wrekin to the Clun Forest, and fr Boardman No Publication View Edit
Meres and Mosses This new 12 panel fold-out chart showcases the wildlife of the Meres and Mosses landscape of Shropshire, Cheshire and St Boardman & Daniels No Publication View Edit
Atlas of the Fleas (Siphonaptera) of Britain and Ireland Fleas (Siphonaptera) are wingless insects that are usually found in the nests, or on the bodies, of a wide range of mamm Bob George No Publication View Edit
RES Handbook Vol 5 Part 1b. Coleoptera. Buprestidae The family Buprestidae is a large one, containing over 15,000 described species. Brian Levey Yes Online, PDF View Edit
iRecord Dragonflies The iRecord Dragonfly app helps you to identify the dragonflies and damselflies that you find and lets you record your s British Dragonfly Society, CEH/BRC and others Yes Online, App View Edit
Checklist of recorded UK Millipede species Written checklist with majority of species linked to a picture. Nomenclature follows Lee, P. (2006). British Myriapod and Isopod Group (BMIG) Yes Online View Edit
Bird identification videos Short videos from BTO. British Trust for Ornithology Yes Online View Edit
Dragonflies and damselflies of Britain Sometimes called the 'birdwatcher's insect', dragonflies and damselflies are large and charismatic insect Brooks & Askew No Publication View Edit
Ladybird larvae Ladybird larvae are often found, but not well known, as they look so different from adult ladybirds. Brown et al. No Publication View Edit
The myxomycetes of Britain and Ireland: an identification handbook Out of print but second-hand copies may be available at a price. Bruce Ing No Publication View Edit
Identify a Euphrasia An online multi-access key to Eyebrights. BSBI Yes Online View Edit
Marsh horsetail - ID video A guide to the diagnostic features of Equisetum palustre (Marsh Horsetail) to aid in the identification of the species. BSBI Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Wild Swans Every winter thousands of Whooper Swans from Iceland and Bewick’s Swans from Arctic Russia migrate into UK and Ireland t BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO bird ID video - ringed plovers A handsome little wader, with dapper plumage, runs along in front of you, pausing to daintily pick up morsels of food as BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - cuckoo Cuckoos are well-known birds, but their distinctive and eagerly awaited song can be confused with several other species. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Skuas Identifying skuas passing offshore in late summer is one of the great challenges of bird ID. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Great & Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers Are you unsure of the identity of a black and white woodpecker coming to your garden feeder? BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Little Egret and Great White Egret 25 years ago the sighting of any White Heron in the UK would have been greeted with excitement. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Wood and Green Sandpipers In this BTO identification film we look at the tricky pairing of Wood and Green Sandpipers. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Green finches in your garden Not all green finches are Greenfinches! BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Common shanks Redshank are common, familiar (and very noisy) waders found, year-round, on our coastal habitats as well as inland durin BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Common and Jack Snipe A stocky brown bird rockets up from just in front of your feet, but is it a Common Snipe, or its rarer relative Jack Sni BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Cattle Egret A white heron in the UK is likely to be a Little or Great White Egret. BTO Yes Online View Edit
Getting to grips with warblers video: Chiffchaff Vs Willow Warbler Listen to Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler songs BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Kestrel and Merlin This film looks at two often confused falcons, the Kestrel and Merlin, and discusses the key features for separating the BTO Yes Online View Edit
Taking a look at terns: Roseate, Sandwich and Little Tern This video rounds up the identification of other Terns - Roseate, Sandwich and Little Tern. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Water Pipit and Rock Pipit This Bird ID focuses on separating the UK-resident Rock Pipit from the relatively rare Water Pipit, and both from the ub BTO Yes Online View Edit
Getting to grips with warblers: Reed Warbler Vs Sedge Warbler In this film, part of a series aimed at helping with the tricky task of identifying warblers, we take a look at Reed and BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Meadow Pipit, Tree Pipit & Skylark A small brown streaky bird launches into the air in front of you, singing its heart out, but is it a Meadow Pipit, Tree BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Cormorant and Shag A black, reptilian-looking bird swims by low to the water - but is it a Cormorant or a Shag? BTO Yes Online View Edit
Telling apart Marsh and Willow Tits Of the more common species in the UK, Marsh and Willow Tit probably present one of the more difficult ID challenges. BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Common sparrows & Reed Bunting Sparrows are not just sparrows - are they House Sparrows or Tree Sparrows? BTO Yes Online View Edit
Know your thrushes - Song and Mistle Song and Mistle Thrush are two garden species that are readily confused; both are grey brown in appearance; both have a BTO Yes Online View Edit
BTO Bird ID video - Small Breeding Grebes Small grebes in summer are gloriously-coloured birds, but two of the three species are unfamiliar to most. BTO Yes Online View Edit