The FSC Plugin for QGIS (version 2.8.0)

This is the help for version 2.8.0 of the FSC QGIS plugin which is the last release compatible with version 2.n.n of QGIS. If you want to see the help pages for version 3.n.n of the plugin, which is compatible with version 3.n.n of QGIS, then follow this link: FSC QGIS plugin for version 3 of QGIS.

QGIS plugin toolbar

These are the official help pages for the plugin for QGIS. The plugin for QGIS is designed to address two things to make working with biological records in QGIS much easier for UK users

  • Dealing with Ordnance Survey grid references
  • Dealing with data structured as biological records (who, what, where & when)

Although originally designed to be used in the UK context, many features of the plugin are useful to international users of biological records too - especially the distribution atlas generation features which can be used with data encoded with any CRS.

The plugin is installed from the QGIS plugin manager. When installed, you will find a TomBio productivity tools item on the Plugins menu and from this you can invoke each of the four tools as well as its options dialog. But usually a more convenient way of invoking the tools is from the TomBio toolbar. plugin for QGIS menuThere are four main tools and a fifth dialog for managing environment options. The help and info menu item links to this web page. Follow the links below for help on each of these.

  1. The OSGR OSGR Tool toolbutton
  2. The Biological Records Biological Records Tool toolbutton
  3. The NBN Atlas NBN Tool toolbutton
  4. The Map Mashup Map Mashup Tool toolbutton
  5. Environment Options


There are many online sources of QGIS help available. A few are listed below:

Useful sources of data for QGIS

There are lots of good soruces of GIS data on the web. Some of the more useful in the UK context are listed below.