TaxonAid demonstration

The best way to rotate the image is to drag your mouse right or left across the image. Drag slowly for best results! You can use the slider - bottom right - to zoom in and out of the image. This example is relatively low resolution - we can use higher resolution images and display them larger on the page. We will demonstrate this soon with more examples.

This example shows Myathropa florea. You can see a higher resolution version of the same image here.

TaxonAid is an online tool dedicated to the improvement of techniques in taxonomic identification. We think that an approach using high quality interactive movement-based resources and existing identification keys represents the best way to both maximise efficiency of identification and also to provide an engaging learning and teaching environment.

The TaxonAid project is coordinated by Christopher Hassall at the University of Leeds and Rich Burkmar at the Field Studies Council. This project is jointly funded by the University of Leeds and the Field Studies Council as part of the FSC’s Tomorrow’s Biodiversity Project. Photography, development of the method, and model creation has been undertaken by David Bodenham. If you want to see how he does it, look here.