A workshop on Pseudoscorpions!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Following on from our very successful Springtail 'peer mentoring workshops' back in January, we are running a similar workshop for Pseudoscorpions - a much under-recorded group of charming invertebrates. In this workshop we aim to bring together, for a day, people who are interested in learning more about these fascinating animals and in sharing what they know with others. We expect to attract a number of people with of mixed experience for a day of peer mentoring.

We have arranged to borrow preserved specimens of a range of British species from Liverpool Museum. We will have access to copies of the very latest draft of a new, as yet unpublished, FSC pseudoscorpion key (fold-out chart format) and we will field test this on various species with the aim of feeding back to the FSC Pulications Unit and the author – Gerald Legg.

You can bring your own specimens and work through their identification by yourself, or with others, and test a range of the identification keys including the new fold-out chart. Alternatively work through some of the specimens from the collections of others and those loaned to us by Liverpool Museum.

For more info, and to book, follow the link in the title.

(Photo credit - Gilles San Martin; Wikimedia Commons)