List of FSC BioLinks Training Events in 2020

Below you can find the lists of all of the training events we have planned for 2020 so you know what dates to keep free in your diaries. Please note that these are still a work in progress so we may make some changes as we go. We will be continuing to stagger the release of our courses and events to prevent them all from booking up straight away. Please make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to find out exactly when they are open for bookings - you can sign up to our newsletter here. 

Click here to view the 2020 FSC BioLinks West Midlands Training Events

 Click here to view the 2020 FSC BioLinks South East Training Events

You can view what FSC BioLinks courses have been released so far/are available to book on the FSC website here or by clicking on "Training" in the menu above this page.